Here you will find all the IIH UK produced leaflets to help with understanding the condition, we hope you find them useful.


What Is IIH

A brief explanation of the condition and side effects.

Friends and Family

A good way of explaining IIH and the effects on your life to friends, family and carers.

Holidays and Flying

Helping you to be prepared for your time away.

Visual Problems

Explaining some of the visual effects IIH patients have reported.

Pulsatilie Tinnitus

Informing you about pulsatile tinnitus and what could help you deal with it.

Common Medications

A brief guide on the common medication used for IIH patients.


General information on the surgery's used for some IIH patients 


A good leaflets for schools and people with IIH in education.


A good leaflet for employers and people who are working or looking for work.

Women and IIH

Information on Pregnancy, contraception and HRT while having IIH.

Visual Testing

A brief guide to the different vision tests performed for IIH patients.  

Lumbar Punctures 

Information on lumbar punctures which are used to diagnose IIH. 

ICP Monitoring

Information on ICP bolts which are sometimes used to record a persons intracranial pressure.  

Associated Medication and Drugs

A list of medical conditions and drugs associated with IIH.


Information about venous sinus stenting.


Information on depression which can be caused by having a long term condition. 

GP Leaflet

A good leaflet for GP's, why not take this in to yours.

Patient Leaflet

A tri-folding leaflet about IIH  and IIH UK.


7 page glossary of anything you may come across in the leaflets or with iIH.