Sarah Hibberd played rugby for Henley Hawks Women’s Rugby Team


Sarah Hibberd played rugby for Henley Hawks Women’s Rugby Team. Sadly, Sarah passed away in September 2011 after a long battle with IIH and multiple brain surgeries.
Henley Hawks Rugby Club held a series of charity events in April 2012 and again on Saturday 20th October 2012, including men’s and women’s rugby matches and children’s practices, a charity lunch and bucket collection, raising £3,600.00 for IIH UK. A further £500.00 has also been donated by a corporate sponsor.
So what happened to the money?
The money paid for a truly remarkable 'Sarah Hibberd Medical Conference' which is transforming the way that IIH is dealt with in the UK.  The first Sarah Hibberd Conference was held at Cambridge University in June 2012 and was attended by some of the UK’s leading neurosurgeons,neuro-ophthalmologists, brain scientists, sociologists and paediatric consultants. Led by IIH UK Patron, Professor John Pickard, Professor of Neurosurgery at Cambridge University and Addenbrooke’s Hospital, they made a five year plan for improvement in the way that IIH is treated nationally. This has included:
Fully funded patient registration to commence in May 2013
Reappraisal of the way lumbar punctures are used to gather cerebrospinal fluid pressure
Protein studies seeking the links between obesity and IIH
Genetic studies in adults and children with IIH
Re-evaluation of ophthalmological methods of reducing papilloedema (swelling of the optic discs)
Links to Welsh and Scottish Neurosurgery and obesity national planning
Grouping of consultants into adult and child study groups for the future study of IIH
Consideration of the links between IIH, food packaging containing Bisphenol A, and child obesity
Evaluation of the problems parents face when they have to deal with a very ill child – and how the other children in the family feel about it.
So Sarah’s legacy has done a massive amount of good. All those who donated can be proud of their gift because it has helped so many people – and the work continues.
Sarah’s Just Giving page – organised by her family can be found here:

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