IIH UK's Objects

Our Objects are:  

• To preserve and protect the physical and mental health of sufferers of IIH through the provision of the best possible support, education and practical advice.

• To advance the education of the public in general, sufferers and the medical community in particular on the subject of IIH. 

• To promote and support research for the public benefit on all aspects of the condition IIH and to publish the useful results

We hope to achieve these by:

• Providing information and links to sources of information for sufferers of IIH
• Supporting sufferers of IIH in contacting others with the condition
• Working with other organisations who represent people with conditions with symptoms of, or symptoms similar to those of IIH
• Increasing awareness of IIH both within the general public and the medical profession
• Campaigning for funding to facilitate research into IIH, its treatments and possible cures.

Can you help?

IIH UK is run by a team of volunteers. The team either suffer from IIH, or are close to someone with IIH. Could you help out with IIH UK?

Do you have:

• Experience of voluntary organisations?
• Fundraising experience?
• Publicity experience?
• Or just loads of enthusiasm for the IIH cause?

If so, we'd love to hear from you! Please contact us. Thank you.

IIH UK is members of the following organisations.